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पटवा वैश्य-PATWA VAISHYA

The Patwa are a Hindu Vaishya community, found mainly in North India, who are traditional weavers and jewellery business and thread workers.


According to the traditions of the Patwa, they descend from a deota (a Hindu god). The Patwa have many sub-groups, the Deovanshi,Deval, Raghuvanshi and Kanaujia. They fall under vaish (Baniya) category. The Patwa are an endogamous community, and follow the principle of gotra exogamy.Maheshvari is also patwa falled in baniya category They are Hindu, and worship the goddess Bhagwati. Like other Hindu artisan castes, the Patwa have a traditional caste council, which is involved in settling issues of divorce, minor disputes and cases of adultery.

Present Circumstances 

The Patwa are involved in selling women's decorative articles like earrings, necklaces and cosmetics. They also deal in small household items, such as hand fans made of palm. The community was traditionally associated with threading of beads and binding together of silver and gold occupation, while others have expanded into other businesses. They are found ALL OVER INDIA, mainly in delhi, M.P,in madhya predesh patwa and lakhera is also not same lakhera is a other cast they not belong to patwa cast. Maharastra, Uttar Pradesh, in the districts of Bareilly, Badaun, Lucknow, Gorakhpur, Hardoi, Jalaun, Shahjahanpur, Sitapur, Lakhimpur-kheri, Lucknow, Jhansi and Lalitpur. a all india patwa mahasabha is also work for patwa samaj.

In Bihar, the community is sub-divided as Patwa and Tantu Patwa. Tantu patwa is another caste they do not belong to Patwa caste. The Patwas are mainly weavers and braid makers. The Tantu Patwa have three sub-groups, the Gouria, Rewar and Jurihar. The Tantu patwa are found mainly in the districts of Nalanda, Gaya, Bhagalpur, Nawada and Patna districts. There main gotras include the Gorahia, Chero, Ghatwar, Chakata, Supait, Bhor, Pancohia, Dargohi, Laheda and Rankut and the patwa are found all over Bihar. The Patwa of Bihar are now mainly power loom operators, while others have expanded into other businesses. They are a fairly successful community, and many have taken to modern education. The Patwa of Bihar have a state wide caste association, the Patwa Jati Sudhar Samiti.

साभार : सुरेश चन्द्र पटवा जी. 


  1. प्रवीण जी नमस्कार
    पटवा के वारे में जो आपने विकिपीडिया के साभार से लिखा हे , इसमें तन्तु और लखेरा के वारे में लिखा हे वो मैंने ही लिखा हे , किरप्या आप अपना कॉन्टेक्ट नंबर दे जिससे मुझे आपसे बात करने में आसानी हो
    सुरेश चन्द्रा पटवा
    सरंशक एवं सलाहकार
    अखिल भारतीय श्री पटवा महासभा
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  2. सुरेश जी नमस्कार, आप जैसे लोगो के सहयोग से मैं यह ब्लॉग चला पा रहा हूँ, यदि कोई गलती हुई हैं तो उसे क्षमा करे. आप जैसे समाज के बुजुर्गो का हमेशा आशीर्वाद रहे धन्यवाद, मेरा मोबाइल नंबर हैं, 9760025801,9808561199

  3. pranaam,
    i am also from Patwa Samaj and my homeland belogs to Bokaro district of Jharkhand (India). After reviewing your above contents i did not found any concerns related to my home state as according to my view there is a huge numbers of Patwa Samaj Population is living in this region. You can find Bokaro, Giridih,Dhanbad,Hazaribagh for more info. Regards, Sanjeev Prasad from Bokaro.

    1. Sanjeev ji . Namaskar
      Pls give me your contect no.
      Suresh chsndra patwa

  4. please ye btaiye ki bhardwaj gotra maheshwari me hi aata h kya?

  5. Aakash Bhai
    Bhardwaj Gotra Brahman me aata hai. Aap apni mail ID de .aapko maheshwsri ke gotra ki list bhej dunga.
    Suresh chandra patwa
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