Friday, June 14, 2013

Marwari Vaishya - मारवाड़ी वैश्य

Marwari Bania:

Marwar is a place in Rajputana, from where we have Marwari Rajputs, Marwari Brahmins, Marwari Banias, etc. Out of the 128 merchant Marwari sub-castes in Rajasthan (that Todd counted), only five became big and prominent in Indian national commerce. These were the Maheshwaris, Oswals, Aggarwals, Porwals and Khandelwals. 

Marwaris vanias include the Mahajans, Maheshwaris, Oswals, Aggarwals, Sarawagis, Por(w)als or Porwar, Shrimals, Shrishrimals, Vijayvargias, Sunlas, Bohres, Pheriwalas, Baldias and Lohias, Khandelwal, Padmavati Purval, Lamechu, Chaturth, Pancham, Bagherwal, Shetwal, etc. 

In addition there are the Orwals, Mohnots, Singhis, Lodhas and Mohatas, Saukar, Sarraff or Shroff, Banya Komati, Modi grianseller etc. whose members are in the field of business, industry and administration. 

The Marwari arrange themselves into 12 tribes: the Mestri, the Urwar, Agarwal, Bijabargi, Sarogi and Oswa(l), Kandalwal, Neddatwar, and Porwal, etc. These all are divided into numerous kap or clans; in the Mahessar tribe alone are 72, amongst whom are the Rathi and Dhaga. These whealthy bankers and merchants, scattered throughout India, are all known under the denomination of Marwari, which means belonging to Maru or Marusthan, the desert. It is singular, Colonel Tod adds (Rajasthan, ii. P. 234), that the wealth of India should centre in this region of comparative sterility. 

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