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9 Things You Will Relate To If You Are Getting Married To A Marwari

Big pockets and humble hearts, the Marwari culture is one of its own kind. These people love to live colourful lives. Traditional and deeply rooted, Marwaris are amongst the most vibrant people on this planet. If you are getting married to a Marwari, you will be able to relate to these situations very well.

Alcohol is not their cup of tea. Well, we know that your empty glass must be weeping, but this is the hard truth. Do not worry though, they have so many amazing non-alcoholic drinks to offer that you won’t even miss your booze.

#2. Food festival

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Marwaris are die-hard foodies and all their get togethers, especially the weddings, are a living proof of that. Dal baati churma, gatte and kadhi, their buffets are the most lavish ones; so you better work on your appetite! Despite non-vegetarian food being a strict no, their feasts are great.

#3. Sangeet or dance competition

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Marwaris are very particular about their sangeet. They will hire the best choreographers, set up the best stage and call the best DJ for the sangeet. We are sure that you must have been mesmerised by their breathtaking performances.

#4. Culture 

Marwari culture is full of colours. Whether it is the food, the decorations, the clothes or the drinks, everything is inspired by colourful confetti. Your life will never be dull as your dresses will always include lots of sparkle.

#5. You will be pampered like crazy

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Marwaris love to pamper their bahus and damads. You will be put on a pedestal and pampered like a VIP. Only the best of the best is served to you because you are special for them.

#6. You will put on weight

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We do not want to scare you, but all the amazing food and pampering will make you put on weight. Sweets will be shoved in your mouth along with other delicious things. All this will be done with a big smile that you would not be able to deny. So, get your sweatpants ready.

#7. Wedding planning is serious

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Marwaris are known for their big fat Indian weddings. The weddings that they organise are nothing short than carnivals. We are sure that you must have been a part of numerous discussions related to the decor and catering.

#8. Money is honey

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If you are getting married to a Marwari, you will be showered with money. A major part of the gifts given to you will be hard cash. And if not money, it will be jewellery because the motive of giving gifts is investment.

#9. Keep up with your knowledge

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Marwaris are not just about food, clothes and weddings, they are actually very smart people. Their knowledge on politics, economics and general affairs is commendable. You will have to do some homework because you are in for a lot of intelligent debates.

If you are getting married to a Marwari, you are in for a roller coaster ride. You are going to enjoy each and every moment of your life from now onwards. Just embrace all the bling and you are good to go!

SABHAR:,  By Ojasvee 

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