Monday, February 25, 2013

वैश्य महाकुम्भ, रुड़की

उत्तराँचल वैश्य महाकुम्भ, दिनांक ३/३/१३, दिन रविवार, आप सभी वैश्य बंधू सादर आमंत्रित

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

मधेशिया बनिया समाज - MADHESHIYA VAISHYA

Madhesiya Baniya Samaj

History of Madhesiya Samaj
Baba Ganinath

Madhesiya has been formed with the combination of two Sanskrit words i.e. "Madhya" and "Desh" hence some times also referred as "Madhyadeshiye" meaning who belonged to central part of the country.

Currently, members of the community are spread throughout India and overseas as well. They have earned respect in the society due to their tenderness and ability to make gold out of wastes that means they are highly skilled businessmen.

These are the some surnames generally used by our Vaisya Madhesia Samaj are as follows Shah, Shaw,Sah,Gupta,Prasad,Kanu,Madhesiya,Seth,Kannaujiya,Rai BahadurAgarwal etc.

There are many deities which are worshipped among Madhesiya Kanu and other vaisya community. Prominent among them are:Sri Baba Ganninath Sri Ganninath is one of the 14 deities of the community and great saint of the communitySome of them are Sri Govind Ji,Braham Baba, Mata sati.etc.

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Halwai Samaj

रौनियार वैश्य - ROUNIYAR VAISHYA

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Rauyinar Vaishya Sabha Delhi