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बरनवाल वैश्य

Barnwal (Hindi: बर्णवाल), also spelt as Baranwal, Varanwal or Barnawal, is a Baniya community in India and Nepal.

According to a Hindi-language historical account Baranwal Darshan, the Baranwal community is descended from King Ahibaran, a Suryavanshi Kshatriya and the great grandson of the legendary king Agrasen.[1] His ancestors had moved to a place called Ahar in North India. He renamed the Ahar kingdom after himself and founded its capital as "Baran-sahar" (identified with modern Bulandshahar in present day Western Uttar Pradesh). His direct descendents were called Barnwals. They were the oldest and most prominent families of the Bulandshahr region.

The city of BulandShahar (literal meaning - High City, due to being situated at a high place) derives its name from the fort of Barnwals located at a very high mound/ hillock. The old name 'Baran' can be still be traced in the old Government documents and in all the historical documents written before or around 19th century.

According to the book Agrasen Agroha Agrawal,[Full citation needed] written by Dr. Swarajya Mani Agrawal, the Barnwals were a part of the Agrawal community, but later separated out.

There are 36 gotras in Barnwals. These are Garg, Vatsil, Goval, Gohil, Kraw, Deval, Kashyap, Vats, Atri, Vamdev, Kapil, Galb, Sinhal, Aaranya, Kashil, Upmanyu, Yaimini, Parashar, Kaushik, Maunas, Katyaapan, Kaundilyam, Pulishh, Bhrigu, Sarvay, Angira, Krishnabhi, Udhhalak, Aashvalayan, Bhardwaj, Sankrit, Mudgal, Yamadgri, Chyevan and Vedpramiti.

It is traditionally believed by Barnwals that their ancestors adopted Vanika Dharma for promoting trade, commerce, development and peace in their region.

Notable people

Vishvanath Modi, Freedom Fighter and Ex-MLA KODARMA.

Sunil Kumar Barnwal, IAS 1997, Jharkhand Cadre, 1st Rank in All India Civil Services Examination -1996, India, Presently D.C. Dhanbad, Jharkhand.

Shithikanth Barnwal, IIT-JEE 2008 topper.

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