Friday, December 30, 2011

उनई साहू वैश्य

Unai Sahu

The Unai Sahu or sometimes pronounced Unaya are a Bania Vaishya sub-caste found in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India. They get their name from the towm of Unnao in Uttar Pradesh, and Unai literally means someone from Unnao.The community consist of two endogamous sub-groups, the Unai proper and the Unawa. They speak the Awadhi dialect, and are Hindus. The Unai Sahu are found mainly in the districts of Barabanki, Faizabad and Gond.

They derive their name Sahu, or sometimes pronounced Sao and Sah, from their ancestral family business of bankers and money lending: from the Hindi word SAHUKAR, meaning, in a sense, persons dealing with money. Sahu Vaishya also have traditional business of oilseeds and oil milling. With the passage of time they have spread to many parts of India, particularly eastern India.

They bear different surnames in different regions and states of India such as Sahu/Sahoo, Bilsora, Patel, Shah, Shaw/Saw, Prasad, Gupta, Rathore, Vaniyar, Saha, Gorai, Samani, Sadhu-Khan, Das, Kubara/Kubera, Talakar, TeliLingayat, Gandla, Telikula, Modi, Devathilakula, Teli Sahu, Teli Rathod, Ganiga, Bahaldia, Teli, Sethi (Punjabi speaking). People from these community are peace lover, business minded, helpful and religious. Most of the population is in MP,CG, UP, Orissa,Bihar and Rajasthan

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