Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Alok Kejriwal - आलोक केजरीवाल

Alok Kejriwal (25 December 1968), CEO & Co-founder Games2win, is an Indian entrepreneur and founder of the Contests2win Group of companies. Games2win is a global top 20 online games business that entertains over 20 million unique users a month. Its top games include Parking Frenzy (also ranked #1 on the US iTunes Appstore.), Supermom, Turbo Cricket, Best Friends Forever, Fab Tattoo Artist, etc.

Born and brought up in Mumbai, Alok Kejriwal is from a Marwari family with a business background. He studied at Campion School where he won many prizes in elocution & debates. He holds a Masters degree in Commerce from Sydenham College of Commerce and Economics, Mumbai.

At 21, he joined father Anand Kejriwal’s socks manufacturing company, Hindustan Hosiery Industries. After 10 years as Socks Entrepreneur, he resigned to start his own Online venture in 1998 called Contests2Win which handled SMS contests for various TV shows. It quickly grabbed the VAS Business of Indian Idol. In 2001, he then set up a mobile venture Mobile2win in China to offer mobile competitions and promotions by starting a television to mobile interactive platform.Mobile2win was brought into India in 2003. The company was acquired by Walt Disney in China in and Norwest Venture Partners in India in 2006. Media2win, an interactive digital agency was founded in 2004. Games2win is his fourth company which he co-founded in 2007.

Kejriwal lives in Mumbai with his wife Chhavi Kejriwal and two daughters. He blogs at – a community of entrepreneurs he founded in 2010. He is increasingly getting to be known as Rodinhood, which is derived from names of Auguste Rodin and famous English outlaw Robinhood.


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