Saturday, February 6, 2016

Vaishnav Khamar

Vaishnav Khamar

Vaishnav Khamars comes in Vaishya Varna of Hinduism. Khamars are Vaishnavs from Gujarat. Generally they used to known as Vaishnav Khamar. Comes under Forward Castes Category like Brahmins & Baniyas. It is not well known because of their population approx 9800 all over the world. Mostly comes from North Gujarat. Various misunderstandings about this caste but it certified that they are Vaishnav Khamar like Vaishnav Baniyas. They are related with Natural Production Farming & wholesale Business of various Grains, whole Vegetables etc Natural Products. But, Now a days no one is relating with these because of education improvement people spread out all over the world for their lives enhancements.


According to history of Gujarat Khamars are subdevided from Kadva Patidar samaj many years back. so, their natives are Patidars(Patels) but, now they are comes in Vaishnav's Sub castes. Generally Patidars are relating with Production & Business of natural goods, same as their Vaishnav Khamars are relating with. Caste includes various Gotras Like Kashyap, Kaushika, Arya, Garg etc.....

साभार : विकिपीडिया 

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