Saturday, December 17, 2011

बोहरा वैश्य

Bohra community

Bohra community includes both Hindus and Muhammadans. The name is probably derived from Hindi byohara, a trader, or it may be derived from the Gujarati ‘vohorvu', or ‘to trade' means ‘One who is true to the ethical principles of businesses). By another account Bohra is from Buha, a column in military array and it is said that in the united provinces a Buha is still drawn and worshipped on Dashera day.

The Muhamaddan branch originated when a certain Abdullah from Yemen arrived in Cambay in AD 1067 and converted the king Sidhraj of Anhilvada Patan in Gujarat, and he with numbers of his subjects embraced the faith. An old account says:" The Bohra are an inferior set of traveling merchants. The inside of a Bohra's box is like that of an English country shop; spelling-books, prayer-books, lavender-water, soap, tapes, scissors, knives, needles and thread make but a small part of the variety." (Crooke, edition of Hobson-Jobson, art Bohra).

The Hindu branch is mainly found in Punjab and Kashmir, where they have the following surnames:

Bindroo, Bhandari, Chapori, Chota, Hori, Japoo, Kath, Khah, Ledoo, Mantoo, Matho, Nadroo, Nathu, Puri, Suri, Zatoo.

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